I have already found out that it’s the kind of book that, when you start flipping through it, you wind up reading so much you cannot put it back down. It’s an important book, and I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

Princeton, NJ

I suspect it will be a classic.

La Jolla, CA

You have an awesome ability to capture a piece of our culture with a depth that both reflects where we are today with it and is eerily predictive of where we will be with it for at least the next decade. It is a compliment to you, albeit a sad comment about our society, to say that your timing could not be better for The Post Truth Era.

Seattle, WA

I hope this book gets the wide attention I think it deserves. The depth and breadth of your research is sensational…the crispness of your writing enviable.

Gainesville, FL

Congratulations on a job very well done. I read your book this weekend, and it really unpacks the issue of truth and lying from a variety of perspectives– cultural, psychological, and social. It is rich. It is also an extremely readable and entertaining.

New York, NY

It is thoughtful, well-organized, and persuasive.

Boston, MA

I like it – what a mass of research!

Cincinnati, OH

As soon as I started reading it, I noticed the lies everywhere. Consciousness raising and depressing. The news of course, also the funnies, the letters to the editor. The regular reports on student cheating. Not so much people. I always grit my teeth through election campaigns, now I’ve got a whole cultural context to put around that. So, I can’t exactly say I enjoy what I’ve learned from your book, though it was fun to read. Useful.

San Diego, CA

Read and enjoyed the post truth book.  I found myself thinking of all the little lies I tell.  I  nodded my head sympathetically at your mentioning of the idea that someone able to tell a convincing lie is often considered worthy of respect.  It all seems complicated and nuanced to me.  Am I just another baby boomer truth compromiser?  I wonder.